Nov 13, 2016

Orange Book Value Launches its Exciting TV Commercials!

We are excited to share that we have launched our latest TVCs for Orange Book Value (a service by Droom). These amazing animated ads highlight how OBV empowers users while they are selling or buying any used vehicles online or offline. With OBV you can get fair market value of any used vehicle in 10 seconds. So, no more debate on “gaadi ka rate kya hai’!
Click the links below to watch catch our TVCs for OBV live:

What is OBV:
Why OBV:
How OBV Works:

Recently, we also launched new marketing campaign “Resale Ka MRP? under which we refreshed the look for Orange Book Value logo. The OBV logo in its new avatar is indicative of the core philosophy behind the brand - providing a fair price for used vehicles which reduces anxiety and facilitates a deal between buyer and seller. With OBV, buyers and sellers would have the same reference price for any used vehicle, thus reducing negotiations and buyer/seller remorse.
The 'O' in the logo is a combination of two smiling faces, which are symbols of buyer and seller. The color choice also reflects the values of the brand; blue signifies trust, peace, intelligence and loyalty while orange signifies energy and warmth. The tagline - ‘Resale ka MRP’ firmly communicates OBV as the benchmark price for resale. Like MRP for new products, OBV is the reference pricing for vehicles which acts as an indicator for a fair deal.
Now stop pulling a number from the hat! Use Orange Book Value to know the fair price of your used vehicle - India's first and only algorithmic pricing engine. It evaluates price for used cars, bikes, scooters, or any other automobile even bicycles and even planes. Do not buy or sell a used vehicle without checking OBV. OBV is built using our proprietary technology and data science to help sellers determine the right value of their vehicles.
Now download Orange Book Value app and know “Resale ka MRP? for all used vehicles in less than 10 seconds for free.
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