Determine Condition

FACTORS/CONDITION Excellent very good Good Fair
Body Flawless Minor Scratches Moderate Scratches, dents Moderate scratches, Chips, dents, Surface Rust
Frame Unaltered Unaltered Repaired Replaced
Engine/transmission Excellent condition, fluids may require topping off Fully operable but requires servicing Fully operable but requires spare changes and servicing Repairs Required
Brakes Less than 15% Wear & Tear 15% - 30% Wear & Tear 30% - 45% Wear & Tear 45% - 60% Wear & Tear
Steering Trouble Free Little Hindrance in operation Too heavy to operate Power steering failure
AC/heater Fully Functional Working Normally Cooling/ Heating ineffective Unit not functional
Tires 90% Treading Left 75% Treading Left 60% Treading Left/td> 50% Treading Left
Windshield glass, lights, lenses No Defects Minor Scratches, Slight Discolouration Can be repaired, Discoloured Not repairable
Wheels Flawless Minor scratches Visible scratches Repairable
Upholstery and carpet Clean/ Like New Minimal Wear Stained Faded/Worn
Odour (smoke/mold...) No Odour No Odour Mold Chemical Compounds
Electronics(windows, locks,stereo,etc...) Fully Functional Fully Functional Functional With minor faults Repairs Required
Maintenance/records Current, Complete Current, Complete Current, incomplete Overdue, no records
Emissions Test Cleared Cleared Cleared Not Cleared
Water Damage No No Yes, Operable Yes, Vehicle not functional
Odometer tampering Not tampered Not tampered Not tampered May Be Tampered

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