Sep 24, 2018

Top 10 Tips to Check Used Car Price

People have been buying used vehicles for a long time, and they have various reasons to do so. Some people buy used vehicles for the low price, while some buy them for learning or collection purposes. However, in the bargain of used vehicles, you only win when you pay the right price. However, much first time used car buyers get deceived when it comes to Used Car Price due to lack of knowledge about the same.

How to buy a good used car without overpaying?

If you are buying a used car for the first time, you need to be very careful, numerous things have to be considered, and haste doesn’t help the situation. To begin with, you need to inspect the car to check for faults and repairs. Used cars can be deceiving at times, they might look appealing regarding looks but can have problems that could make you spend more than you expected. Here are some things that you have to check while inspecting a used car.

1. Exterior : When you see the car, don’t just get flattered by the paint job and wiped the glass. Look for rust patches, dents and scratches they can be significant factors to determine the age and condition of the vehicle. Cars are made of metal that is coated with a chemical compound which prevents it from rusting. If the car has rust patches that means the car is pretty old and has been exposed to moisture for a long time. Scratches and dents mean, the car has had an accident before.
2. Interior : Before you start the test drive take a good look at the interior of the car. Check if the seats have upholstery and cushions are in good condition and make sure that it is not torn. Things like seatbelts, seat adjustment lever, door knobs and storage unit lids etc. should be inspected for damage or repairs. You can also check the buttons and knobs on the dashboards which also includes the ones on the music system as well.
3. Take a test drive : To get an idea of the performance of a vehicle, take it on a test drive on both city roads and highways. In diverse settings, you get to know how the car responds to different situations. On city roads, you can test how the car’s transmission responds to gear shifts at stops and sharp turns, while doing so, you will also get an idea of the condition of the brakes. When you are on the highway, test the engine by just keeping your eyes and ears open. Often at high speeds the engine or brake of used cars start making noises, if it is a squeal, it means the engine has not been serviced for a long time. If it is a low pitched vibration, it means the engine is damaged in some way.
4. Check for leaks : Fluids are important for a car. Various parts like the engine, air conditioner, brake and transmission require fluids or lubricants to function well. It can be hard to identify a fluid leak if the car is standing still. To check for a leak, you need to take the car to clean spot and keep the engine running for a few seconds. Then, move the car and check for any leaking substances.Black fluid might be an indicator of leaking oil, green fluid may indicate a leak in anti-freeze, and pink fluid may indicate a leak in the transmission.
5. Get professional help : Even after inspecting the car thoroughly, some people find it hard to conclude. This is common state of mind that every used car buyer experiences and gets a simple answer of it – professional assurance. The fear of regretting your decision makes you insecure about the car, for which you can call a mechanic who helps you with rest of the inspection. Mechanics can help you discover hidden problems and also assist with determining the car’s value. If there are going to be any major problems with the engine or transmission in the future, a mechanic will let you know.

Once you are done with inspection, then next step is determining the value of the car. You can get a used car’s valuation from a mechanic or do it by yourself within a few clicks. All you need to do is go on an online valuation website and fill the necessary fields with information about the car that you are about to purchase. You might need the information like the car’s brand, model, year of manufacture and kilometres driven. The online analyser will give you an estimated figure based on the data you provide.
Some websites also have advanced evaluation which comprises of sliders and checkboxes that provide even more accurate value. Using this you can refine the results by providing information about the condition of the different parts of the Vehicle like AC, Brakes, Car Exterior, Car Interior, Electrical, Engine, Frame, Steering, Suspension, Transmission, Wheel and Tyres. You can also refine the results by location, no. of owners, colour and accident history.
There are numerous Automobile Valuation Websites on the internet, but most of them are for foreign countries and adhere to their rules and guideline; in India, you can refer to Known for its provision of instant and accurate used car prices for free, its advanced algorithms make sure that you get the right valuation for the car model you want to buy.