Dec 23, 2016

Know the Fair Market Value Of Used Vehicles

The buyers in the used-vehicle market are looking for better options among the pre-owned vehicles as they serve as a great value for money product. Customers can buy a used vehicle, which is in excellent condition both aesthetically and mechanically, at a very reasonable price. And this way, we do not have to spend a fortune on the car we want to buy. However, the trickiest part of all this comes when we get to determine the correct value of a used vehicle. Both as a seller and buyer, we fail to understand the fair pricing of any pre-owned vehicle. There are various factors that play an important role in the depreciation of the value of your vehicle over the time. Some of these factors are the model of the vehicle, year of manufacturing, trim/variant, the odometer reading that states the kms driven, etc. But for understanding all this, we need to get expert opinion and professional advice. And this is where the online price calculating tools like Orange Book Value (OBV) come in. Orange Book Value from Droom, the first and only algorithmic pricing engine for used vehicles in India, comes as a boon for the used car buyers and sellers as it helps in determining the exact value of any used automobile. OBV suggests the fair market value of pre-owned vehicles including cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and even aeroplanes in less than 10 seconds. This has brought a revolution in the used vehicle industry that has made buying or selling of second-hand vehicles a lot easier than it was ever before.

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